Hot Tips!!!!

Cape Town is my favourite local holiday destination and Husband dearest has decided that it is time for a family holiday there. Since I am not brave enough to do a holiday with the kids on my own, I am allowed to take my parents along. Besides, I have always wanted my mum to experience the full ambit of the Mother City; from the popular tourist spots to the local hidden gems.

As you all know by now, travelling is my life. It is an exhilarating experience for me and I relish every minute; from desktop researching to making the bookings, to experiencing it for everything that it is, and then blogging about it.

While researching things to do in Cape Town I came across a great interactive web site, OfLocal, which I found incredibly informative and helpful. OfLocal is super user-friendly place where consumers and business owners can interact in a smart, slick way to discover what happening in and around South Africa. Businesses around Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban list their services or product offerings and consumers vote for them during the year. The website arranges these offerings according to various categories such as food, tours, attractions, beaches, bars, museums and so on, and then each category boasts a small write-up of each business. The order of popularity is based on a rating system where each business is arranged based on customer votes received, with the most-voted-for appearing at the top and the less popular one lower down.

I consider OfLocal an integral part of my research for all my escapades around South Africa.

After discovering everything that is on offer, I am beginning to think a week in Cape Town is far too short for my extensive holiday plans. Hubby doesn’t know it yet, but we will be back. I have already pencilled in “Best places to eat in Cape Town” and incorporated some of the tours into our itinerary.

Take a look for yourself: