Bucket List

Bucket List… hmmm… To do or not to do?

Should I be living to achieve things before I die? It is kind of a morbid thought, isn’t it, and a question many of us have probably asked ourselves in our lifetimes. For me, the appeal of a Bucket List is that it is a source of inspiration, motivation, as well as an expression of my dedication and commitment. Compiling my bucket list filled me with desire, passion, and excitement, qualities that I believe are the driving force and differentiator behind being successful and, well, being unsuccessful.

I reassess my Bucket List at least every two months and revise each status as I achieve a goal. With each undertaking successfully completed I am further motivated and committed to continue ticking off boxes on my Bucket List.

There are many ways to capture your Bucket List. IPhone and Samsung both have incredible free apps, including Dream It, iWish, and Bucket. If all else fails, simply use old- fashioned pen and paper.

However you choose to put your Bucket List together, it is guaranteed to work; just remember to review it frequently.

I have chosen 108 items for my Bucket List. Many people have asked me, “Why 108?” Well, I once read that there are 108 earthly desires in mortals. At first glance I laughed but on re-examination I discovered that the author was on to something, so I used my desires and channelled my needs and wants into compiling my Bucket List.

I hope the list below inspires you to create your own Bucket List.

Preno’s bucket List
1 Have supper at the Eiffel Tower  X
2 Go to the Monaco Grand Prix  X
3 Climb inside the Pyramids of Egypt
4 View the Buffalo Migration in Kenya
5 Ski in Switzerland
6 Abseil
7 Sky Dive  X
8 Go to the Rio Carnival
9 Hang Glide in Rio
10 4×4 in the dunes of a desert  X
11 Visit the hot springs in Reykjavik, Iceland
12 Drive in Germany X
13 Stay in a castle in Scotland
14 Cruise on the River Rhine
15 Create my own Blog X
16 Stay a night in the Amazon Jungle X
17 See Machu Picchu in Peru X
18 Visit the Con Canals in Vietnam
19 Walk to the top of the Acropolis in Athens  X
20 See the White House  X
21 Fly over Mount Rushmore
22 Watch an opera show in Sydney  X
23 Do a sea walk in the Maldives
24 Visit Jerusalem
25 Ride the Blue Train
26 Stand in Times Square X
27 Drink a Pina Colada in Hawaii
28 Enjoy rides at a theme park in the USA X
29 See Buckingham Palace
30 Learn to speak Spanish
31 Ride the Trans-Siberian Express across Asia
32 Swim in a waterfall  X
33 Actively do volunteer work in Africa X
34 Drive on the Autobahn X
35 See the Great Barrier Reef
36 Travel across all the continents
37 Drive in another country X
38 Visit Stonehenge
39 Experience weightlessness
40 Be a mentor to somebody X
41 Float in the dead sea
42 Own a Ferrari
43 Ride a gondola in Venice X
44 Cruise on the Caribbean X
45 Enjoy a freshly rolled cigar in Cuba X
46 Cage dive with sharks
47 Learn how to fire a gun X
48 Spend an night in an igloo village in Finland
49 See the Iguazu Falls X
50 Visit the Congo Jungle X
51 Cruise the River Nile
52 Visit Petra in Jordaan
53 Visit Bob Marleys House in Jamacia X
54 See a volcano
55 Eat at the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
56 Ride the Garden Route on a Harley Davidson
57 Witness the Northern Lights
58 See the view from on top of the Empire State Building X
59 Cruise down the Nile
60 Own a holiday home X
61 Zorb down a hill
62 Visit a concentration camp in Poland X
63 Complete Base Camp at Kilimanjaro
64 See Mount Fuji
65 See Nepal
66 Visit Graceland
67 See the Niagara Falls
68 Visit Moscow
69 Visit the Louvre in Paris  X
70 Watch the bulls in Pamplona Spain
71 Attend the Olympic Games X
72 Visit Mount Otemanu
73 Get my skipper’s licence  X
74 Eat a weed cake in Amsterdam  X
75 See Carthage in Tunisa
76 Walk on the Chain Bridge in Budapest X
77 Do a wine Tasting Course  X
78 Take a pic on the Ayres Rock in Australia
79 Visit the Terracotta Army in Xian
80 Jet ski in the ocean  X
81 See the Statue of Liberty X
82 Drive in Tuscany X
83 Visit the Sistine Chapel X
84 See the dungeons of the Colosseum at night X
85 Climb the leaning tower of Pisa X
86 See a Hollywood set X
87 Visit Alcatraz X
88 See the (Soccer) World Cup in a host country X
89 Snorkel in Zanzibar X
90 Ride a horse on the beach  X
91 See David Copperfield live  X
92 Be on stage at a live show  X
93 Stay on a wine estate  X
94 See the sunrise from a hot air balloon  X
95 Dip in the Ganges  X
96 Canoe in Thailand  X
97 See a Circ Du Soliel show  X
98 Walk among the ruins of Angkor Watt in Cambodia  X
99 See the Taj Mahal  X
100 Walk on the Great Wall of China  X
101 Visit the Grand Canyon  X
102 Bungee jump over the Victoria Falls  X
103 Gamble in Vegas  X
104 Drive Route 66  X
105 White water raft with a group of friends  X
106 Sail down the Dubai Creek at sunset  X
107 Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi  X
108 Take a picture with the Blue Mosque in the background