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Personal / Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Hi, I’m Prenita.
Everyone dreams of doing and being something larger than life when they are young. My dream was to travel the world, wear high heels, find my prince charming and work at a global company.
I managed to accomplish three out of these four dreams successfully. Travelling the world is the one dream that I am still working on.
I started travelling at the age of twenty one. My first trip was to Italy, and I can still remember the excitement and utter amazement I experienced on that first trip. I was completely mesmerised by the culture, the history, the clothing, the food and the technology of that country.
On my return I promised myself that I would travel the world, and so began my travelling escapade. Seventeen years later, I have travelled to more than thirty countries including Cambodia, China, Indonesia, India, Brazil, the USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. With every travel experience I have found myself grow exponentially on a personal and spiritual level.
Something that became apparent to me was over the years was that documenting my travels simply through photographs was not enough. Unless written down, the final details of a trip are lost forever. The need to wholly preserve my memories is what made me decide to start blogging about my travels, and why you, dear reader, find yourself on this page right now.
Through my musings and memories I plan to share my experiences and travel lessons that I have learnt along the way. My hope is to inspire people like you to travel the world and encounter your own travelling escapades.
Bon voyage!

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