Ovenable Films

Ovenable films are a great innovation in the food packaging industry, they allow for the film to be placed directly into the oven. This allows them to be used as top seals or packaging for food products. They can then be placed directly into the oven without removing the food products from the packaging. This can cut down on waste, mess, and the need to clean pots and pans.

They were originally created as a means to facilitate consumers growing interest in “cook in their own containers” foods. These foods would be healthy and homestyle types that are simple and easy to prepare with minimal work. Some examples of these foods are pot roasts, vegetables, and pies.

Food safety has become very important for many brands, ovenable films allow the food to be taken directly from the store to the home and cooked without opening the package. This enhances food safety by minimizing the likelihood that airborne pathogens will enter the food. The films have several built-in benefits, they are designed to tolerate temperatures up to 222 degrees Celsius. Many films can be produced in a way that reduces waste and provides greater shelf appeal.

The food films can be designed to vent steam as they cook so that it is not necessary to take the step of poking holes in the film. In addition, they also make for faster cooking times and allow the food to better retain moisture as they cook inside the package. The films are also excellent for marinating foods prior to cooking them. This makes for foods that customers can cook easily and quickly with zero time needed for prepping it.

The films are made for use on wrapping machines, but they can also be designed to be heat treated bags for cooking. This allows manufacturers to seal whole meals and foods such as fish, meat, and poultry in easily heated bags. These bags can be placed in either a conventional oven or in a microwave oven to be cooked or heated.

There are several available brands of ovenable film that can be purchased by packagers. They can be purchased from a vendor who sells packaging products, or they can be bought directly from the manufacturer of the ovenable film. Each one of the films available has its own advantages and disadvantages and it is up to the individual purchaser to make the decision as to what is best for their own needs.

In addition to vendors and the manufacturers, there are several other places that packaging materials can be purchased. These include online and distributors of packaging supplies. Distributors do not have loyalties to any particular brand which results in them often selling several different products from different manufacturers. They can help find the best solution for a company without pushing a particular brand over another.

Asking for samples is a good way to receive each one of the products so that they can be tested, and a determination is reached as to which one is best.